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ART PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP MATTIFYING MINERAL POWDER is intended for people who dream of achieving a wonderful effect of perfect skin without shining. Effectively masks imperfections.


ART PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP MATTIFYING MINERAL POWDER is a cosmetic whose purpose is to effectively matt and unify the skin. Therefore, it is addressed to people struggling with imperfections, e.g. redness, bruises or dark circles under the eyes. The pressed powder was enriched with the ANTI-SHINE complex, preventing the skin from shining. The advantage of the product is its delicate formula. It facilitates even distribution of the powder, and what is important - it does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe. The availability of 6 different semi-transparent colors allows you to match the perfect shade to your complexion. After applying the powder, the skin gains a natural, fresh, matte appearance.

1Pc ART PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP Mattifying mineral powder(GOLDEN SAND)

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