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Eveline Cosmetics Lash Therapy Professional Concentrated Eyelash Serum 8 in 1 (10 ml) is an eye treatment that acts across eight areas to visibly reinforce and improve the condition of eyelashes. The innovative product combines the properties of a rebuilding serum, hair growth activator and mascara base that creates:

  • Longer lashes after only a few uses.
  • Thicker and much clearer lashes.
  • Flexible and shinier eyelashes.
  • Deep hydration and strengthening the eyelash fibre structure.

    The Luxury of Youth Complex effectively restores and protects the hair against harmful external factors. And, Pro Vitamin B5 penetrates into lashes to mositurise, smooth and thicken the hair fibres - giving them shine while protecting, regenerating and strengthening eyelashes from root to tip. Cruelty-free.

    Directions of use:

  • Ensure the eye area is clean and dry.
  • Using the included applicator, start at the base from the inner corner to the outer along the base of the lash line.
  • To be used daily before you go to bed.
  • Use over an 8 week period for optimal results.


£6.93 Regular Price
£5.54Sale Price
1 Gram

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