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VANITY SOFT EXPERT safe hair removal kit is now enhanced by the soothing action of the body balm. It proves exceptionally effective hair removal and active care for very sensitive skin.


STEP 1: The velvet smooth and gentle hair removal cream is designed for exceptionally gentle and very effective, fast and pain-less removal of even the shortest hair. The special shape of the tube helps conveniently and evenly spread the wax over the intended area. The cream contains Urea to deliver softening and exfoliating action and to prevent ingrown hair. The composition of Apricot Oil and Allantoin provides additional soothing action, calms skin irritation, and prevents epidermal dehydration.


 STEP 2: The uniquely delicate milk with extraordinary soothing properties provides proper care for sensitive skin and skin irritated by depilation. It intensively soothes and moisturizes the skin, effectively slows down hair re-growth and prevents ingrown hair. With systematic use of the milk, hair grows back slower, becomes weaker and finer. The skin contains soothing substances as well as Aloe and Boswellia Serrata, offering anti-inflammatory and firming action.


Application: - Apply the cream on clean and dry skin with the spatula, do not rub in. - Leave it on for 5 minutes. If the hair is strong, the cream can be left on the skin for a little longer, 10 minutes max. - Use the spatula to remove the cream. - Wash the skin with warm water and dry. Do not use soap. - Delicately massage the SOOTHING BALM into the depilated areas directly after the hair removal procedure.



1Pc VANITY SOFT EXPERT sensitive hair removal in cream for face15ml

SKU: 194493