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Professional hair removal cream with post-depilation wipes for long lasting effects.


The effectiveness of VANITY LASER EXPERT is based on the revolutionary TELOCAPIL™ formula made of a plant extract responsible for hair reduction to prolong the time in-between hair removal sessions. In IN VITRO studies, the substances contained in TELOCAPIL™ were shown to permeate to and damage hair follicles, and to affect the hair growth cycle, weaken hair and inhibit its growth. This results in successive reduction of the quality and thickness of unwanted hair, which becomes weaker and thinner. The innovative formula is now enriched with active ingredients to prevent ingrown hair, and additionally smooth, hydrate and soften the skin.



- prolonged time in-between subsequent hair removal sessions - less hair growing back - hair becomes much weaker and thinner - silky smooth and moisturized skin.



Apply the cream on clean and dry skin with the spatula, do not rub in, leave it on for 5 minutes. Use the spatula to remove the cream. Wash the skin with warm water and dry. Do not use soap. Gently rub the hair removal area with the wipe and massage to allow substances to be absorbed from the wipe into the skin.


SKU: 194264
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