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The cream contains a large dose of highly rejuvenating active ingredients.


PHYTO CERAMIDYL OMEGA – a unique combination of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and Ceramide is coherent with the intercellular cement of the skin. It easily penetrates into the epidermis, protects the skin against excessive loss of water. Effectively smoothes wrinkles, firms and regenerates the skin. Lack of ceramides in the skin causes wrinkles – the skin ages faster.

VITAMIN E known as Vitamin of Youth effectively protects the skin from aging. Deeply moisturizes, revitalizes and strengthens the epidermis. Firms, tones, visibly reduces existing wrinkles, inhibits the formation of new ones.

LIPOSOMY Q10 very easily penetrate skin cells, oxygenate them, neutralize the action of free radicals, accelerate tissue regeneration, actively stimulate the skin to renew, effectively smooth wrinkles, prevent the formation of new ones

1Pc SKIN CLINIC Super Power Anti-Age Rejuvenating Face Cream 50ml

SKU: 50329
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