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Protects the skin against smog, delays skin ageing processes, intensely regenerated.

DETOXIFYING TREATMENT PROFESSIONAL SKIN PROTECTION INTENSELY MOISTURISING AND DETOXIFYING CREAM was  developed by scientists from Eveline Cosmetics laboratory with  the view to provide concentrated daily care, preventing premature skin ageing, for all skin types. Unique formula combines the intense action of green tea extract and hyaluronic acid with the  power of ANTI-POLLUTION advanced technology, providing spectacular moisturising and detoxifying effects, comparable to the results of dermoaesthetic treatments.    

FUSION OF 6 MOISTURISING INGREDIENTS  Green tea extract•hyaluronic acid• Puridetox®•macadamia oil•allantoin•d-panthenol

Green tea extract neutralises toxins, stimulates microcirculation and refreshes the skin. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturises, retains water molecules and prevents its loss as  well as fills wrinkles. Puridetox® protects against smog and free radicals. Allantoin restores softness, while macadamia oil nourishes and firms. D-panthenol soothes and protects against dryness.

 APPLICATION: apply daily in the morning and/or evening onto the cleansed face and neck skin.

1Pc Hyaluronic Acid + Green Tea Moisturising Cream

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