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♥ Strong pigmentation
♥ Intense color
♥ It will take care of satin lip makeup
♥ Moisturises and nourishes
♥ It contains effective care ingredients
♥ Available in 6 colors!
Satin lipstick will take care of the perfect care and appearance of your lips! The formula with extremely strong pigmentation guarantees full coverage from the first stroke!
Jojoba oil and sesame oil will make your lips pleasantly soft and nourished, while hyaluronic acid and vitamin E will deeply moisturise your lips.
Among the six available colors, you can enjoy subtle tones of pink and light brown, and classic, strong red.

How to Use: Apply lipstick to your lips and enjoy perfect care!

3Pcs VARIETE Satin Stick Lipstick NO. 04 First Kiss with JOJOBA OIL 4G

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