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LIQUID CAMOUFLAGE is the highly pigmented, covering concealer that masks any skin imperfection. At the same time, it is gentle enough to be used in delicate eye area.


Creamy formula of the cosmetic perfectly blends with the skin and allows for building the level of coverage. Big "jumbo" applicator is extremely soft, handy and precise at the same time.


Cutting-edge formula of the concealer contains active ingredients effectively caring for the skin, such as:

•jojoba oil,

•vitamin E,

•vitamin B5,

•shea butter,

•hyaluronic acid.


The concealer itself is waterproof – it is resistant to rain, heat and sweat.

It is offered in 5 shades to match the beauty of Polish women

3Pcs Liquid Camouflage Waterproof Formula 01 LIGHT PORCELAN7.5ML

1 Gram
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