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Rich in lipids precious for the skin, the cream comprehensively cares for the delicate skin around the eyes, ensuring optimal hydration and radiant eyes throughout the day, as well as deep regeneration and nourishment at night. The cream strengthens the natural water-lipid barrier of the skin, thanks to which it effectively improves its quality and condition, minimizing the negative effects of aging.



The effectiveness of the cream has been confirmed by tests:*

Increases skin hydration: 100%

Nice tightens the skin around the eyes: 83%

Reduces the visibility of shadows under the eyes: 80%

Illuminates the skin under the eyes: 93%

Provides a skin lifting effect: 63%


*In Vivo test carried out in an independent research laboratory under the supervision of dermatologists on a group of 30 women for 4 weeks.



Every morning and evening, massage the cream into the skin around the eyes. A handy tube with a precise dispenser allows for precise application of the preparation into the skin around the eyes

1Pc DIAMOND LIPIDS Diamond-lipid Anti-wrinkle eye cream 15ML

SKU: 196716
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