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Bet on professional care for frizzy and damaged hair. MARION PROFESSIONAL GLOSSY EFFECT products will help to tame flyaway strands, smoothing them and achieving their shine.

The DIAMOND SHINE Lamination Treatment will help you to quickly achieve the effect of exceptionally smooth and shiny hair. It contains liquid keratin, which contributes to the flexibility of the strands. Diamond dust provides your hair with shine, and a vitamin complex nourishes and supports its regeneration.


1. Wash your hair, make it dry using the towel and rinse.
2. Spread the contents of the sachet evenly over the entire surface of the hair.
3. Put a foil cap on the head, you can cover it with a towel. Wait 10 minutes. If hair are are thick or resistant, the application time can be extended to 15 minutes.
4. Thoroughly rinse with water.
5. Dry your hair with a dryer, use straightener to enhance the effect.

1Pc MARION DIAMOND HAIR GLOSS Lamination Treatment 20ml

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