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There is a total novelty ahead of you! CRYSTAL GLOW ROSE QUARTZ crystal moisturizing and illuminating serum. Perfect for the daily care of normal, dry and dull skin.




PS. This product has a VEGAN FORMULA and is # CRUELTY-FREE, as confirmed by the PETA organization.


The serum optimally moisturizes and smooths the skin. It illuminates it beautifully and makes it look radiant. At the same time, it reduces the feeling of tightness, dryness and discomfort. It restores the proper level of skin hydration and improves its appearance.


We have carefully selected the active ingredients in this product so that you can enjoy its effectiveness:

rose quartz – this beautiful and effective stone is famous for its nourishing properties, brightens the skin, restores its smoothness and uniform color;

orchid extract – oh yes, the orchid is #trendy not only as an interior decoration... it perfectly cares for the skin, softens it, moisturizes and smooths it;

hyaluronic acid – known for its effective moisturizing properties, provides the skin with elasticity and firmness.


Fantastic radiant, moisturized and smooth skin. After all, this is the basis! The light formula of the serum does not burden the skin, absorbs quickly and spreads perfectly. We are convinced that you will be delighted with shiny particles that subtly illuminate the skin. We must also immodestly admit that the serum looks and smells phenomenal. #WOW



1Pc CRYSTAL GLOW ROSE QUARTZ Crystal moisturizing & brightening serum 30ML

SKU: 196704
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