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Fresh, cherry fragranced red jelly will wrap your hair with a delicate film that will protect them from mechanical damage, too much moisture or too high temperatures when using straighteners, curlers or hair dryers.
The proteins and humectants contained in the jelly are specially selected for high-porosity hair, and will make your hair incredibly smooth, loose and full of shine. You will feel as though you’ve just came out of a gelatine or food jelly laminating treatment. Psst, it will get even better than that..;) Are you already shaking with joy to try out this product?

How to use:

Distribute an appropriate proportion of jelly to the length of your hair, and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. Then, wash your hair, using your favourite method.

1Pc Crazy Hair Laminating Jelly for Medium Porosity Hair Cherry 300ml

SKU: 5907775547134
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