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Crazy Hair HiSkin Hair Oil Mixture with Orange is your perfect partner for hair care! Infused with four vegetable oils – rice, sunflower, avocado and sweet almond – it is specially formulated for low to medium porosity hair. The size of the oil particles allows them to penetrate the hair cuticles, maintaining moisture and making the hair healthy, soft and smooth.

Aromatic orange oil gives hair additional shine and softness. Use a small amount of oil on dry hair, leave for 30-60 minutes (overnight is possible!) and enjoy the WOW effect.

If you have dry and damaged hair, we recommend an oil treatment with conditioner to enhance the effect. Combine the oil with the conditioner to make sure all the oil particles have penetrated the hair cuticles. To effectively remove the oil mixture, wet hair with warm water, apply an appropriate amount of conditioner and leave for 20 minutes before shampooing.

1Pc Crazy Hair Hair Oil mix for hair with low and medium porosity orange 30ml

SKU: 5907775547509
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