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• delightful sensual volume
• Natural tempting density
• unbelievable feeling of lightness
• nourished and healthy eyelashes
• perfect separation of lashes without lumps

Big Volume Lash Mascara Natural BIO Formula is a unique cosmetic that naturally beautifies and at the same time nourishes the lashes. Make they become incredibly fashioned - clearly raised, voluminous and extremely elongated.

Perfectly shaped, pliable and elastic brush BOLD & FLEXY BRUSH TM accurately add style even the most demanding lashes, giving the effect of thick and distinctly bold lashes. Specially designed construction brush reaches even the shortest lashes, so they are perfectly separated and covered with intense black color.

Patented ink formulation based on natural bio components.

 effectively relaxes and moisturizes the lashes from root to tip.

Natural extract from carnauba wax nourish the lashes, an express it regenerates and prevents hair loss.

Jojoba extract penetrates the hair, rebuilding the structure radically.

Natural mineral pigments revitalize lashes, stimulate them to grow and protect against mechanical damage.

3Pcs Big Volume Lash Mascara Bio

£5.60 Regular Price
£5.32Sale Price
1 Gram
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