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Thanks to carefully selected active vegan ingredients, the cream and serum formula ensures year-round active care of difficult and demanding combination and oily skin, as well as sensitive one. These beauty products are an effective support when it comes to fighting against skin imperfections. Thanks to oat meal they regulate sebum secretion and provide even mattifying effect on the skin prone to the formation of eczema. Their light texture does not burden the skin, is perfectly absorbed, makes the pores less visible, refreshes and moisturises the skin.
Rice milk – a valuable mixture of rice oil and rice proteins. It stimulates defence mechanisms of the skin to fight oxidative stress. It has moisturising, nourishing and conditioning properties. Thanks to acids and Vitamin E, it effectively supports resistance against visible signs of ageing.

Wheat germ oil – it is characterized by the highest content of Vitamin E among all plant oils. It is effectively absorbed by the skin, regenerates and nourishes it. It perfectly restores the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, preventing moisture loss. The ingredientcomes from organic farming. Oats extract – the nutrients it contains sooth the skin, soften and moisturise it. It is characterized by a high content of Tocopherol compounds, it deeply penetrates the epidermis, restoring its firmness and flexibility. The ingredient comes from organic farming.

6pcs VEGAN MUESLI matting cream oat + wheat + rice milk 50 ml

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