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Lip Therapy Vaseline Lip Balm by Eveline

Vaseline lip stick Mango Cocktail is recommended for daily care and protection of lips
 against the harmful effects of weather and environmental conditions. 
It smoothes, moisturizes and gently lubricates the lips. It prevents drying and cracking 
of the epidermis. 
Gently polishes lips. Regular use improves the appearance of the lips. An additional benefit 
is an appetizing smell and taste.

The vitamins A and E contained in the formula provide the lips with an appropriate level 
of hydration and nutrition.

Tropical aroma and mango flavor make the lipstick application extremely pleasant.
Soft, smooth, regenerated lips and long-lasting hydration.

Additional information:
Product Company: Eveline Cosmetics
Size: 3.8g
Directions / How to use:
Spread lipstick on the lips. Apply depending on your needs. After applying, the lips are soft, 
smooth and well moisturized. Pleasantly smell.

12 pcs Vaseline Lip Balm Coctail Mango