Per UNIT: £1.70

Per BOX 12pcs/: £20.40


Extremely comfortable to use, the detoxifying mask in a plastic

3D sheet perfectly adapts to the shape of the face. A funny image

of a friendly monster puts in a mega positive mood.

The mask is an ideal way to detoxify and refresh the skin,

with immediate visual improvement in the appearance

of the epidermis.

THE BRAVE KAZIK is a master for special tasks for all skin types,

especially for combination, oily and acne skin.

Trust him and dare to truly detoxify?!

The mask contains irreplaceable active ingredients that will satisfy

even the most impure skin. Activated carbon acts as a magnet:

it attracts and absorbs toxins, excess sebum and other impurities

even from the deeper layers of the skin. Unlocks pores

and prevents blackheads. Mango extract thanks to the content

of vitamins and minerals restores the skin's smoothness.

Effect: effectively cleansed skin, reduced pores,

perfectly matte skin.


Apply the sheet mask on the cleansed face in such a way

that it adheres to the entire surface of the skin.

12 PCS MONSTER sheet mask 3D detoxifying 1 pcs

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