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Bielenda Juicy Jelly Mask Cleansing Mask + Peeling 2in1 is a product especially intended for mixed and oily skin. The texture of the mask resembles an appetizing jelly. The product contains natural particles that peel the skin and exfoliate dead skin. Thanks to them your skin will be smoothed and the pores will be unblocked. The mask perfectly moisturizes, prevents pimples and soothes irritations. It restores the skin's glow.

The product is rich in:

  • prickly pear extract (cactus) - moisturizes the skin and regulates sebaceous glands;
  • Kiwi fruit extract - contains vitamins C and E, zinc and iron; all of these components have a beneficial effect on the skin; improve its color, tone and regulate the secretion of sebum.

Application: Apply face mask and massage the skin with circular movements for about 1 minute. After 15 minutes, rinse the mask with warm water. Use the product twice a week. The packaging of the mask is enough for about 12 applications.

New, original product. Valid for 3 months from the first opening.

6pcs JUICY JELLY MASK 2in1 Cleansing mask + kiwi and cactus peel

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