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Eveline COSMETICS LipGloss VOLUME LIPEXTREME NO 534 Anti-ageing Complex 7ml 

Moisturizing anti-ageing complex :
  • * Hyluronic acid
  • *Aloe Vera ( extract )
  • *Vitamins E and C

Who can benefit from using the gloss?

Women who dream about full and sensual lips without surgical intervention. It is a non-invasive alternative to painfulinterventions based on collagen injections.


How fast will you see the result?

You will see the result immediately after putting thegloss on your lips. Within a few minutes, your lips will become fuller andshapelier, minor wrinkles will disappear, the contour of your lips will be morepronounced, and the epidermis smoothened. Lip enhancement effect lasts for afew hours.


Biological effect

VOLUME LIP EXTREME gloss is a specially developedformula containing LIP EXTREME complex which distends blood vessels andimproves micro-circulation thus immediately increasing the lip volume. A and Evitamins complex prevents lip drying, and it also has anti-oxidation andanti-free radical effect. Vitamin C supports the production of collagen. UVAand UVB filters protect against harmful sunlight.


Ultimate results

enlarges and brings out lips by up to 50%

moisturises and smoothens the epidermis

improves lip contours and color

gives fresh appearance and shine

Volume Lip Extreme-finish interpretation of thevolume-TOP PRODUCT

Instantaneous effect without surgery! This givesinterpreters luster volume contains complex, which expands blood vessels andimprove microcircles, as instantly increases the volume of the lips. Vitamins Aand E protect the lips from drying and vitamin C involved in the production ofcollagen. UVA and UVB filters protect against the harmful effects of sunlight.

5 pcs Eveline Lip Gloss VOLUME EXTREME Anti-ageing Complex NO 534


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