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Nail Therapy by Eveline

A specially formulated formula is recommended as a therapy and prevention 
of fungal infections of the nail. Active ingredients penetrate deeply into the nail 
to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and effectively protect against fungal infections. 
The preparation also works on rebuilding nail plate, accelerate its regeneration. 
Immediately provides healthy appearance of the nails, camouflages imperfections 
and brightens the plate.

Used regularly, the conditioner is a strong protective shield against any kind of infection 
and improves the appearance of the nail.

Additional information:
Product Company: Eveline
Size: 12 ml
Directions / How to use:
Apply to unpainted, cleaned and dried fingernails. As a cure for mycosis treatment 
- apply another layer daily for 4 days, and after this time wash off with a nail remover 
without acetone. Then repeat the treatment from the beginning. As a protective product 
- apply one layer, which can be treated as a base for colored varnish.

12PCS Nail Therapy Against Onychomycosis Antibacterial 12ml

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