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The comfortable gel formula of Brow&Go soap will allow you to create any styling, the eyebrow arch will become wider and thicker. After application and styling, the soap sets, and the high durability of the cosmetic will make you admire your eyebrows all day long! Thick and semi-dense eyebrows will be tamed and ready for the perfect effect of natural, raised or feathery hairs.

Choose between two shades - transparent  for a more subtle effect or brown for a light, natural color.

The product works perfectly with other eyebrow cosmetics, creating a comprehensive eyebrow styling.


  • It allows you to achieve various effects - from natural to strongly raised hair.
  • Maintains the perfect shape of eyebrows all day long.
  • Available in two shades.
  • Strong and fast-setting formula: to ensure that your eyebrows remain intact.
  • It has a pleasant scent that adds pleasure when used.
  • Specially designed to meet the needs of thicker eyebrows.

1Pc Brow & Go!, Brow Styling Soap BROWN

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