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A detoxifying and refreshing treatment is an ideal solution for people who have problems with excessive sweating and unpleasant feet odor.

The formula of the treatment is based on a 2-stage care of the skin of the feet, so that in effect they regain their softness and freshness, and the troublesome sweating is limited.

Stage 1 - mass with activated carbon: the treatment softens the epidermis and eliminates calluses and hardness of the epidermis, reduces the unpleasant smell.

Stage 2 - antiperspirant cream: it allows to prolong the operation of the treatment, helps to keep the foot hygiene and restore their comfort. The cream effectively regulates sweating of the feet, softens, smoothes and refreshes the epidermis.

18PCS COMFORT antiperspirant socks - active ointment for cracked heels 2 x 6ml

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