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Moisturizing hand cream is based on a recipe that is in friendship

with nature. The formula was composed for dry skin,

requiring intense hydration. Cream protects the skin against drying,

nourishes and restores silky softness to the hands.

Light texture is quickly absorbed and leaves no feeling of stickiness.

The recipe has been enriched with effective active ingredients:

Coconut oil - strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis,

has strong moisturizing properties.

Nourishes the skin by neutralizing free radicals.

Shea butter - called karite butter. It has nutritional, moisturizing

and soothing properies.

It naturally delights with its beautiful fragrance, intense hydration,

vegan formula and light texture that is quickly absorbed.



Apply to the skin of the hands as needed. Cream for year-round use.

12PCS COCONUT OIL moisturizing hand cream 50 ml

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