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Light like a cloud, the Mango Balango bubble mask will be in the world of fruity party, where Care and Fun are a well-coordinated duo.

Feel as if you were on a carefree vacation and pamper your skin with a moisturizing mask, which gives you Fun and Massage.

Improve the hydration of your epidermis and moisturizing cocktail with mango extract, papaya and trehalose.

Thanks to the compounds that stop the vitamins and minerals from the epidermis, the skin will regain comfort, radiance, smoothness and beautiful appearance, without unnecessary heaviness.



Apply the mask evenly on clean and dry skin and leave. After a few moments, the mask will start to fizzle and grow on its own. When the foam stops growing, it's a great effect on the water.

12pcs CLOUD MASK energizing bubble mask Mango Balango 6g

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