Spectacularly nourishes and regenerates the epidermis, while thanks to the content of optimally selected precious ingredients, it effectively enhances condition of the skin and reduces the symptoms of its ageing.

BIO MANUKA HONEY smoothes the skin and supports its regeneration. Is the strong antioxidant.

CALCIUM stimulates renewal mechanisms and reinforces skin protective barrier.

BEE LIFT-TOX – the complex containing synthetic peptide, inspired by anti-wrinkle action of bee venom. Provides an immediate feeling of lifting, smoothes wrinkles and firms.

OLIGOPATCH™ concentrated tightening oligogrid.  Lifts and models facial oval.

CAMELLIA AND MARULA OILS delay skin ageing processes, prevent water evaporation from the epidermis and soothe.

*peptide contained in BEE LIFT TOX complex is 100% synthetic and does not pose a threat to people allergic to the natural bee venom.

1Pc BIO MANUKA DAY AND NIGHT CREAM 50+ 50ML-£2.30 per unit

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