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TREATMENT OF YOUTH is an innovative line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics. Extremely effective formulas are based on the absolute cosmetic discovery of recent years: EXTRACT FROM THE SNAIL MUCUS, which ensures deep reconstruction, repair and regeneration of the skin. Additional content of 24K GOLD and other valued active substances guarantee deep hydration and constitute an extremely advanced system that slows down skin aging processes.

The 40+ cream visibly improves the appearance and condition of the complexion. Intensively moisturizes, regenerates and retains moisture in the skin. Clearly reduces and smoothes wrinkles, effectively delays the formation of new ones. Firms, makes it elastic, prevents skin from slackening, lightens discolorations, restores beautiful skin color and youthful glow. Effectively protects the skin against rapid aging.

1Pc YOUTH THERAPY Moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream 40+ day/night

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