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VEGE SKIN DIET Face cream anti-age + detoxifying for skin with signs of aging 50 ml.


Vege Skin Diet is a unique line of cosmetics containing an extraordinary composition of active ingredients obtained from truly valuable vegetables. Vegetable active ingredients alone are excellent by nature, but only when properly composed show their true power. Their joint action is based on synergy - "cooperation" and supplementation in order to maximize the benefits for the skin and increase the absorption of the unique ingredients contained in cosmetics. The Vege Skin Diet line is a support in providing skin care that fully utilizes the natural powers inherent in extracts, extracts and oils Let these carefully selected ingredients take care of your skin - give yourself into the hands of nature and experience the power of vegetables. Get to know the super power of phytonutrients. Try the "Green Menu" for mature skin with reduced elasticity and signs of aging. Vegetable cream with a rich consistency, rich in active plant ingredients: regenerating artichoke extract, which supports the revitalization of the epidermis; barley grass extract called the "king of antioxidants" - the content of active ingredients such as in a mature plant, in a highly concentrated formir; anti-aging pumpkin seed extract contains phytosterols that improve skin appearance, regenerating and strengthening the epidermis; tomato extract with regenerating, softening and smoothing effect Ecoskin prebiotic, which protects the natural microbiome of the epidermis, supports its regeneration and maintains the proper pH. The unique rich formula with anti-aging and detoxifying action effectively nourishes and nourishes the epidermis which requires thorough care, it softens and smoothes. Antioxidant and antioxidant active ingredients for complexion with the first signs of aging, they really support it in the fight for a young, radiant appearance, noticeably improve its condition. It does not burden the skin, does not stick, it absorbs quickly. dermatological treatment



massage the cream into the face, neck and décolleté every morning and / or evening, leave to absorb. The cream is perfect for both independent use and makeup.

1Pcs VEGE SKIN DIET Face cream anti-age + detoxifying for skin

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