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⭐For dry and dehydrated skin, grey with signs of tiredness.
⭐Perfect for those who want pure natural skin care treatment
⭐Has Vitamin C, minerals and nutrients for youthful glow.
⭐Rich vegetable formula improves hydration.
⭐Fresh vegetables improves the regeneration of skin cells. 
⭐Helps to make skin tight and firm. 
⭐Can be used both-alone and as a base for cream.
⭐Perfectly moisturizes,nourishes.
⭐Regenerates skin with proper flexibility and firmness.
⭐Fast absorbing serum.

Product Description:
The Serum is designed for dry and dehydrated skin,grey with signs of tiredness.Perfectly moisturises,nourishes and regenerates skin with proper flexibility and firmness.Its rich vegetable formula improves hydration,regenerates.

Moisturising serum includes:
-BROCCOLI EXTRACT is rich in Vitamin C and minerals.
-Strengthening prebiotic,moisturising HYALURONIC ACID.
-Rejuvenating ALMOND ACID and trehalose

Every day in the morning and in the evening massage the serum into the skin of the face and neck. Leave to absorb.

6PCS Vege Detox Moisturizing Face Serum Dry Skin Broccoli + Pumpkin + Prebiotic

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