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Extremely pleasant in application peeling with a wonderful fruity aroma and an innovative non-greasy formula, based on natural sugar and ground coconut seeds. The peeling is extremely effective and at the same time gently exfoliates rough, thickened dead skin, cleanses the skin, restores its smoothness and softness. Peeling supports skin firmness and elasticity, improves its condition and appearance. The fruity peeling formula has been enriched with provitamin A, derived from natural vegetable oils - a powerful antioxidant with anti-radical and rejuvenating effects. Stimulating color and an exotic holiday fragrance, add energy, stimulate action and enliven the senses.

The result: a smooth, firm, beautifully fragrant, delicate body. Lack of dryness and unpleasant flaking. Give your skin a truly vegetable product: ingredients of plant origin 0% raw materials of animal origin simple recipe friendly to your skin. Dermatologically tested

Application: Apply to damp skin, massage, then rinse with water.

1Pc Vegan Friendly Watermelon Body Scrub With Provitamin a Exfoliates 200g

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