A cream with a rich nutritional consistency, designed for care of dry, dehydrated and grey skin.


The exceptional WATER BASED FORMULA with moisturising and refreshing effect is lightweight, absorbs easily, effectively nourishes delicate epidermis, prone to drying It gives the effect of comfort, hydration, satin softness and smoothing


It contains a highly effective combination of care ingredients: strawberry juice rich in antioxidants and vitamins, valued for its anti free radical and anti ageing effect, moisturises and revitalises the skin, contains antioxidative vitamin; moisturising and refreshing watermelon juice it gives the skin radiance and glow ;prebiotic it strengthens and improves the skin's resistance to adverse factors, supports the regeneration of the epidermis and restores its proper pH



1Pc SMOOTHIE CREAM prebiotic moisturizing cream strawberry + watermelon 50 ml

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