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he active corrective toner effectively cleanses and refreshes the complexion.

Gently and gradually exfoliates dead skin, which significantly

reduces the shine of the skin and narrows pores,

brightens discolorations.

Perfectly smoothes wrinkles, evens out the skin tone and

stimulates the skin to regenerate without irritating it.

Intensively moisturizes in the cleansing phase,

professionally prepares the skin for the cream or serum.

It reduces redness, adds a glow to your complexion.

It does not dry out,

restores the skin to the appropriate pH of 5.5.




fresh, smooth, dull, illuminated complexion.

Strained pores, brightened discolorations,

imperfections reduced and less visible.




moisten a cotton swab with a toner, clean the skin.

Avoid the eye area.

Do not rinse.

Use every morning and evening or during

the day as a refreshing treatment.


1Pc Skin Clinic Professional Active Toner With Moisturizing Action 200ml

SKU: 50349
200 Grams
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