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The serum firms the skin, makes it more elastic and smooths wrinkles. It strengthens the skin, increases its elasticity, provides optimal hydration, helps reduce discolouration, evens out skin tone, restores radiance and glow of the skin. KOREAN RED GINSENG contains a natural composition of strong antioxidants (including vitamin A, group B vitamins, vitamin C), supports skin regeneration and strengthening. It makes the skin firmer, more elastic, smoother and reduces wrinkles. It restores freshness and radiance to dull skin. JAPANESE SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS are a strong antioxidant, rich in vitamins A, B, C and D, acids and minerals. They contain kojic acid that brightens discolouration and age related pigmentation spots. It makes the skin well hydrated, firmer, and more elastic, retains moisture in the skin and brings back a healthy skin colour. The serum also contains CICA an Asian plant Centella Asiatica with skin firming and toning properties. CICA improves skin structure and elasticity, smooths, moisturises and strengthens the skin, has anti wrinkle and soothing effects.


Serum firms the skin, makes it more elastic and nicely smoothes the wrinkles. It strengthens the skin, optimally moisturizes, helps reduce discoloration and restores radiance and shine.


Massage the serum into the face, neck and cleavage every morning and evening. Use alone or as a base under or cream. The serum intensifies the action of the cream, is quickly absorbed and provides an excellent base for makeup.

1Pc RED GINSENG repair anti-wrinkle serum day / night 30 ml

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