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Expiry date:3/2024


This innovative ultra light booster gel is a perfect solution for men who need a concentrated dose of energy and hydration. Perfect for the skin which must meet the challenges that men face every day. It prevents fatigue signs instantly and reduces premature signs of skin ageing significantly. It improves the natural ability of the skin to maintain optimal hydration, improves its condition and overall appearance.


Its formula is based on advanced CANNABIS ENERGY technology, active intense moisturising complex enriched with multifunctional cannabidiol and hyaluronic acid This ultra fresh booster gel has an energising effect, stimulates the skin and increases its protective properties. It supplements the loss of moisture immediately and restores the skin's natural balance CANNABIDIOL organic compound naturally found in hemp It has a strong hydrating and rebuilding effect. It strengthens the lipid layer of the skin, regulates the production of sebum. HYALURONIC ACID an ingredient with strong moisturising properties. It can reach deep skin layers, reduces symptoms of fatigue by adding healthy energy to the skin.

1Pc OFM CANNABIS moisturizing - energizing ultra light bosster for face care 30

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