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MAKE-UP ACADEMIE Make-up setting mist FIXER

Make-up setting mist keeps the make-up looking perfect for many hours, maintains its color and provides long-lasting matte. The mist dries quickly, does not leave a greasy residue on the skin and provides a translucent, protective film. It can be easily removed with classic make-up removal products.


Action This delicate, translucent coat protects the skin against adverse external conditions (e.g. sweat, heat, rain), smudging and rubbing off – perfect in situations when the make-up must remain intact for a long time.


Application After applying make-up, hold the bottle about 30 cm away from the face and lightly press the pump 2-3 times, providing an even coating. During application hold your breath and keep your eyes and mouth closed.


6pcs MAKE-UP ACADEMIE Make-up setting mist FIXER

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