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MULTIFUNCTIONAL product in the form of iridescent MIST with a 3 in 1 effect: PRIMER - applied before putting on make up, it adds glow in the right colour a delicate effect. HIGHLIGHTER - applied on make up, it gives a strong illumination effect. MOISTURIZER - it contains trehalose hyaluronic acid and d Panthenol it gives a noticeable moisturizing effect the mist does not tighten the skin, it does not cause discomfort, it stops the migration of water from the epidermis and ensures its fresh and rested look.



CAUTION BEFORE USE. As a PRIMER - spray the mist evenly over the face from a distance of about 30 cm (2 - 3 presses). When spraying, it is recommended to close the eyes and mouth. Allow to dry and put on your make-up. As a HIGHLIGHTER - apply a touch of mist on your hand and gently spread your fingers in places requiring additional ilumination and underlining. It can be also sprayed on the enitre face.

6pcs MAKE-UP ACADEMIE MAGIC WATER face mist 3 in 1 Gold 150 ml

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