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The base leaves the skin smooth as a glass pane, optimally moisturizes it and gives the effect of satin softness of the epidermis. Thanks to this, it facilitates the application of make-up, extends its durability and provides a radiant skin look. Hyaluronic acid contained in the base ensures proper hydration of the epidermis and improvement of its appearance.



The product is light, does not burden the skin, does not stick and is quickly absorbed.


How to use :

That's easy! Spread the base evenly over the face until the microdroplets are completely spread. Wait for absorption and it's ready :) The product can be used not only as a base, but also as a moisturizing serum.

1Pc MAKE-UP ACADEMIE GLASS SKIN Moisturizing hydro-base with hyaluronic acid 30

SKU: 195886
£4.23 Regular Price
£1.06Sale Price
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