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CC Cream has an innovative formula that effectively protects the skin against premature skin aging associated with the effects of external factors (smog, cigarette smoke free radicals, UV) and perfectly aligns skin tone and hides imperfections.


It reduces discoloration and visibility of enlarged pores, masks redness and smoothes fine wrinkles. Long-lasting moisturizing and providing a radiant look.


The perfecting INSTA MAGIC complex provides immediate effect of perfect and smooth skin, it acts as a beautifying photo filter, perfecting the skin tone and masking any imperfections. The revolutionary formula in a single step closes the power of intensive hydration and guarantees the result of precise skin retouching, giving it an immaculate look and a uniform, natural, radiant color.

1Pc Magic Skin CC Moisturising Cream Anti-Redness 8 in 1 50ml


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