Exfoliating foot treatment exfoliating socks is a simple way to smooth and soft feet without troublesome abrasion, the use of mechanical peels, abrasives or milling machines in beauty salons.

It effectively removes dead, thickened and calloused epidermis on the feet and heels through a thorough exfoliation process.

Regenerates and renews the skin of the feet, improves its appearance. The treatment is effective, easy to apply, it works from 1 application.

The effect of using Bielenda socks: Smooth, soft and well-groomed feet after just one treatment.

The effect appears about 7-10 days after application and depends on the condition of the skin and the degree of its callus. The effect of the treatment may last for several weeks. Ingredients of socks: Exfoliating urea and regenerating lavender oil.


For the washed and dried alloy, you should use the foil socks included in the kit. Pour the contents of the sachets into each sock: 1 sachet for 1 sock. Leave everything on your feet for 60-90 minutes - depending on the condition of your feet.

Carefully remove the foil socks.

Rinse the remaining fluid from the feet with warm water.

Discard foil socks.


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