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Modern, ultra-light hydro-essence with bioactive citrus water obtained from Mediterranean fruits is an ideal way to systematically and effectively care for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Efficient hydro-formula, enriched with bioactive citrus water, thanks to the "water splash" effect provides immediate refreshment. The essence helps maintain an ideal level of skin hydration, has antioxidant properties, refreshes and smoothes the skin, and protects it from impurities, including heavy metals.

The product is dermo-compatible with the skin, provides daily hydration and refreshment, absorbs quickly, does not burden the skin.

The complex action of hydro-essences is ensured by carefully selected active ingredients:

Bioactive citrus water - obtained through physical methods, rich in oligoelements, has antioxidant activity and supports the vitality of skin cells,
Orange juice - moisturizes and tones the skin, has anti-bacterial properties, helps to reduce blemishes and wrinkles,
Hyaluronic acid - is responsible for skin hydration, has a positive effect on the regeneration of the epidermis, strengthens and smoothes it.

Optimally moisturized and refreshed, smooth skin, without sticking and unpleasant heaviness.

Massage a few drops of hydro-essence into cleansed face, neck and cleavage every morning and evening. Use alone or under your favorite Bielenda cream or serum to enhance the hydration effect. Hydro-essence is quickly absorbed and provides an excellent base for makeup.

1Pc FRESH JUICE Moisturizing hydro-essence for face care ORANGE 110ml

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