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If you dream of refreshing paradise care, the Exotic Paradise line was created just for you!

Firming body lotion very pleasantly spreads on the skin, removes the feeling of tightening, caring and moisturizing, leaving a pleasant, stimulating, fruity scent on the skin.

Lotion contains pitaya extract showing skin firming stimulating properties.

The ingredient affects the maintenance of a proper level of skin hydration, creating a protective coating that prevents excessive loss of water from the epidermis.

The recipe has been enriched with rose oil, which thanks to its beneficial properties is called "youth oil".

The oil works antioxidant and astringent, has an effect that improves skin elasticity and supports its regeneration.


Firms, removes the feeling of tightness, leaves a pleasant, fruity scent on the skin.


Massage the balm into the skin of the whole body. For better results, use daily.

1Pc EXOTIC PARADISE Body balm firming Pitaya 250 ml

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