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The creamy serum contains 99% of natural ingredients that guarantee efficient detoxification of your skin. The serum supports the fight against skin imperfections, normalizes sebum secretion, reduces pore visibility and shiny look. Restores balance and healthy look to the skin.


WHAT IS IMPORTANT: it helps maintain a balanced, natural microbiom of the skin ♥ We enriched the formula with beneficial ingredients.

_Coconut water contains valuable nutrients for the skin, including amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

_Green tea is known for its sebaceous glands secretion normalising properties. It is a strong antioxidant, supports the fight against blackheads. _Lemon grass has antibacterial properties and reduces the occurrence of acne lesions.

NO WORRIES it does not burden the skin, absorbs perfectly and does not leave a feeling of


6PCS ECO NATURE - Coconut water + Green Tea + Lemon grass - detoxifying and matt

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