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Dr. Medica is a special line of dermocosmetics distinguished by precise, even medical approach to skin problems, heavily concentrated active ingredients appreciated by dermatologists and innovative, specially developed recipes that are targeted to a particular problem and effective action.

Bielenda Dermatologic redness reducing cream:

– reduces skin redness, prevents the formation of new “spider veins”

– enhances the flexibility of blood vessels, increases their resistance to cracking

– effectively reduces the visibility of capillaries

– soothes, relieves irritation, reduces sensitivity and hyper-reactivity of the skin

– moisturises the thin, delicate skin capillaries

– prevents erythema


Active Ingredients of Bielenda Serum:

Lactobionic Acid  enhances repair mechanisms of the skin, reduces the appearance of dilated capillaries and redness tendency, evens skin tone, highly moisturises.

Troxerutin reduces the fragility of blood vessels, strengthens and protects them.

Chestnut  tightens the blood vessels walls, makes them more flexible and prevents them from cracking. Improves blood circulation, prevents irritation.

D-Panthenol soothes and has anti-inflammatory effect, hydrates and regenerates the skin, making it soft and elastic.

Vitamin C increases the blood vessels walls mechanical resistance to cracking, keeps its proper construction. Restores skin colour and luster of the skin, reduces the tendency to discolouration.




Smooth, soothed, perfectly moisturised skin, tiny veins and “spider veins” less visible redness and irritation reduced.


Every morning and evening massage the cream into cleansed face. Avoid eye area. The cream is a perfect make-up base. When applying for the day, protect your skin from direct sunlight, apply UV protection.

6pcs Dr Medica Capillaries Dermatological Face Cream Reducing Skin Redness

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