FOOT OINTMENT in the form of a rich treatment will bring relief to the skin of the heels prone to cracking and keratosis due to excessive dryness of the skin, improper diet, wrong footwear or daily hygiene negligence. Proper care of the feet and protection of the skin against cracking and callus formation helps to prevent feet discomfort. The package contains: – 1 pair of plastic socks (one size) – 1 sachet with active ointment.



  • Massage the ointment into the clean and dry skin of the feet.
  • Put on the plastic sock provided in the set, and then put normal cotton socks over them.
  • Leave the socks on for 30-90 minutes.
  • Carefully take off the cotton socks, and then the plastic ones. Dispose of the the plastic socks.
  • Wipe the remaining ointment with paper towel or leave to absorb.
  • Repeat the treatment as needed, even several times a week.

1Pc COMFORT SOFTENING SOCKS Active OINTMENT for cracked heels with 20% UREA

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