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e Crem Botanical Clay by Bielenda

Vegan cream with a rich texture for daily care requiring dry, dehydrated, also
sensitive skin. The plant formula combines ROSE CLAY and ACAI BERRIES,
which provides the skin with optimal hydration and detox, supports its regeneration
and nutrition. The cream visibly improves the appearance and condition of the
skin. It strengthens, tones and softens the epidermis, eliminates the uncomfortable,
unpleasant feeling of tightness and burning of the skin, makes it soft, smooth
and velvety to the touch. Evens out skin tone, adds radiant glow, soothes, softens,
helps reduce redness and other imperfections.

A delicate but at the same time very effective clay with detoxifying, cleansing
and soothing properties, perfectly copes with the problems of difficult to care for
dry and sensitive skin.

A powerful antioxidant and rich source of nutrients for the skin, such as vitamin C,
vit. E, a complex of B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, zinc, ferulic acid. Moisturizes,
cleanses, smoothes and refreshes the skin tone.

1Pc BOTANICAL CLAYS Vegan face CREAM with pink clay day/night 50 ml

SKU: 195876
£2.25 Regular Price
£1.13Sale Price
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