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DETOX line designed for make-up removal and comprehensive facial skin cleansing. It is based on innovative and gentle formulas with active carbon, with a deep and precise detoxifying effect.

Innovative solution for quick skin impurities removal. Detoxifying formula based on active charcoal absorbs toxins and cleans blocked pores. It removes epidermis dead cells and prevents blackheads. Leaves the skin fresh, nourished and soft in touch.

Liquorice extract regulates the secretion of sebum, soothes skin inflammation and cleanses of impurities.

Formula: gel consistency. When dried, it creates a uniform layer easy to remove.



1. Wash you face.
2.Use face steam bath or cover your face with a wet, warm towel. Leave it approx. 3 minutes for opening pores.
3. Dry your face. Distribute the mask on the face or problematic “T” zone (forehead,nose,chin). Avoid eye area and eyebrows.
4. Keep 25-45 minutes until the mask dries.
5. Peel off the mask gently in one piece.
6. Any mask remains, remove with a pad with make-up removal.
Use once or twice a week.

6Pcs Black Peel Off Mask DETOX 6g

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