REVITALIZING ANTI-WRINKLE DAY AND NIGHT CREAM for mature, sensitive skin with signs of sagging.

The cream, rich in natural plant extracts, is the strength and power of nature, closed in a glass, ecological jar. The almost 100% content of ingredients of natural origin makes the demanding mature skin well-cared for both day and night. The excellent care quality of the cream is ensured by an innovative formula in which the base of the cream - ordinary water, has been largely replaced by a valuable natural lemon and orange hydrolate with moisturizing, toning and antioxidant properties, thanks to which over 70% of the ingredients of the entire cream are aimed at active revitalization.



Effects visible after 1 application: After just 1 application - the skin is optimally moisturized. Already after 3 days - skin full of radiance and beautifully illuminated. Already after 7 days - the skin is revitalized, smoother, reduced discoloration.

1Pc BIO VITAMIN C Revitalizing anti-wrinkle cream 50+ day / night 50ml

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