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Product description

Vegan creamy bath and shower rice milk with a prebiotic is an ideal way to cleanse, relax and unwind the skin every day. 

Capacity: 400 ml


The milk cleans effectively, it is gentle on the skin, refreshes it, does not irritate it, leaves it nourished, beautifully scented, smooth and soft to the touch. Do you need additional reasons? :) Here they are:

* contains 97% ingredients of natural origin * has a vegan formula * protects the skin microbiome * makes it addictive with its fragrance and pleasure to use.

Moreover, it contains carefully selected, natural active ingredients:

- rice milk - composition of rice oil and rice proteins, shows moisturising, nourishing and conditioning properties.

- prebiotics -  substances that stimulate the development of a healthy bacterial flora. 



Perfectly refreshed, fragrant, nourished skin, ready for new challenges.

PS. You have just reached for a product in recycled packaging, which is #crueltyfree, as evidenced by the PETA certificate. Thank you for your conscious choice!


Spread the milk with your hand over your damp body until it foams, or add it to your bath. Rinse thoroughly from your body.


1Pc BEAUTY MILKY Creamy rice bath and shower milk WITH A PREBIOTIC 97% 400 ml

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