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Bakuchiol is a natural herbal ingredient, named by experts as Bio-Retinol, due to its high efficiency in regenerating and restoring skin cells, comparable to those valuable in Retinol cosmetology. Bakuchiol does not exhibit the unwanted effects of retinol, such as irritation and redness, therefore it is safe for sensitive skin and is suitable for use also during the day and summer.



BAKUCHIOL is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the processes of skin cell renewal, thanks to which smoothes wrinkles, increases elasticity, deeply strengthens and regenerates the epidermis, delays flabby skin processes. Brightens discoloration and age spots, gently exfoliates the epidermis, reduces imperfections and pleasantly brightens the complexion. GINCO BILOBA improves skin firmness and color. Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, ensuring proper skin hydration and flexibility. AMERICAN BLUEBERRY, a strong antioxidant, high in vitamin C, provides optimal hydration and smoothes the skin, which has a visible effect of improving its appearance.


1Pcs BAKUCHIOL BioRetionol Effect Moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream 40+

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