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Effective preparation in the form of convenient gel for local exfoliation.The product perfectly cares for feet skin in places particularly prone to keratosis ,hardening and roughness such as heels,soles,toes skin.


APPLICATION: Massage the gel into places on the feet requiring regeneration and smoothing. Put on socks and leave it on for 1 hour, then rinse with water. Product for year-round use: prophylactically and/ or as a reaction to emerging calluses and callus corners.


Active Ingredients:5% Salicylic Glycolic Lactic Acid,Antibacterial Tea Tree Oil,Nano Silver


Application:massage the gel into places requiring regeneration and smoothing.Put on socks and leave it for 1 hour.Rinse with water.Product for year round use,prophylactically and/or as a reaction to emerging calluses and callus corners.

6PCS ANX PODO EXPERT gel for intensive exfoliation, 100 g

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