SERUM CONTAINS EFFECTIVE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: caffeine, organic silicon, ivy extract, L-carnitine, chestnut.

These substances have a number of functions that support the fight against even advanced cellulite. The most important of them are: reducing the visibility of cellulite, smoothing unevenness, restoring tension to the skin, support in rebuilding the epidermal hydrolipid coat.


Remember that the key to success in the fight against cellulite is consistency and regularity. The fight takes place on many fronts and requires your commitment to:

• Daily, diligent use of our Anti-Cellulite SERUM!

• Adherence to a healthy diet

• Regular physical activity

• Drinking plenty of water.


Massage the product vigorously, with circular movements, into problem areas of the skin of the body. Use every morning and evening. To enhance the effect, we recommend a 2-3 minute massage. Start the massage from the lower parts of cellulite areas and move upwards.

1Pc ANTI-CELLULITE Serum actively firming and tightening 250 ml

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